About BaudTec

       BaudTec consists expertise teams who have experiences in data communication field for more than 20 years. BaudTec has been One-Stop-Purchasing service LTE EASYMESH WLAN Router, EASYMESH WLAN Router, regular WLAN AP Routers / WLAN xDSL Routers / WLAN xDSL Router integrates with VoIP FXS ports as WLAN xDSL residential gateway / WLAN AP Router integrate with VoIP FXS ports as WLAN VoIP gateway etc. .

       Our products have been approved in South America, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Czech, Slovak, Poland, Finland, Russia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Paraguay, Thailand and Brazil etc. and highly accepted by the market.

       Flexible production capability at our own factory location in Taiwan, where ISO-9001 / ISO-14001 certified, running with MES Traceability system, evaluation with SPC (CpK, GR&R) to ensure the Quality of products, and Burn-in room there.

BaudTec factory location in Taiwan

       We provide professional OEM/ODM/EMS services and consistent processes, including SMT (SMD), Plug-in (DIP), Soldering, Test, Burn-in, Assemble, and Package.. . Series of PCBA (Print circuit board assemble) / Completed units processing operations to serve customers.